Chris Courtney huge whip air

Last Saturday MARKIT hosted a jam at the Clairemont Bikepark, followed up by a MARKIT ZERO premier at the park, then a wild after party at the El Camino Bar in Downtown SD. It was an awesome day for BMX in San Diego! During the jam we had 4 contest that were all equally as crazy. First off, was the East County BMX long jump, from the sketchy kicker into the bank. As we pulled the kicker back people started dropping like flies. It came down to Blake Peters, and TJ Ellis at 32 feet. TJ used his insane skills to push through to the bank and Blake almost had it, but washed out on the rough asphalt and didn’t feel like sending it anymore, so TJ took home the $200 kicked down by Henry at East County BMX.

Next up was the United Bikes high air on the original 8 foot 1/4. Everyone was blasting, but there were a few standouts. 14 year old Parker Heath who shreds Clairemont on a daily basis, Chris Courteny who was doing the biggest whip airs I have ever seen, and Gary young and Vince Byron. Gary and Vince were going a few feet higher then everyone, It ended up coming down to their last airs where Vince pretended it was mega ramp and did the biggest air of the day, taking the $200 from United Bikes.

After High air, we moved over to the street side of the park, where we split it up into two sections. Demolition threw down $100 for best trick on each section. The 20 minute jam on the smaller section was insane, some NBD’s were pulled, collisions went down, combos that will make you confused happened, but Demarcus Paul shined, and took the $100 from Demolition Parts with a manual, to hanger pop over, to manual, to bar fakie. You had to be there to even comprehend it! The 20 minute jam went down in the bigger street section next, and people went off. Highlights were Jonas’ Shoefanu and Shoebuca on the sub rail, Glen Girbovan Destroying everything, Chad making everyone in BMX look silly, and Big Daddy winning Demolition’s second $100 with a one handed over ice. Ya that happened!

Last event of the day was the MARKIT best line, trick, or gap in the tranny section. Pretty much whatever stood out the most to me in the 20 minute jam took home another $200. This was seriously one of the craziest 20 minute jams we all have ever witnessed. Vince Byron did a nose bonk 7, and nose bonk 5 bar up the ski jump, 10 year olds were doing 720’s, Big daddy did an oppo 3 oppo whip, Chris Courteny did a 3 bar, to bar back, to bar back, SD locals, Mitch and Blake Peters Murdered everything, and Gary was trying tricks that don’t even have names yet. When everything settle, Jason Lopez from Northern California obviously deserved the $200 for a perfect 360 double whip to fakie on the 6 foot 1/4. Jason is the future of ramp ridding for sure!

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported MARKIT, the Clairemont Bikepark, and the San Diego BMX scene. Also huge shout out to United Bikes, Demolition Parts, East County BMX, and El Camino Bar for making last Saturday possible! Check out the gallery above, shot by Brandon Means.

Also head over to and check out more photos from the jam by clicking HERE!



The Clairemont Bike Park, MARKIT ZERO, Jam/ Premiere is only one day away! Here is everything you need to know about this awesome day!
-Gates open at 11AM
-Contest go on between 2pm and sunset. Cash prizes for each event!
East County BMX Long Jump of death
United Bikes 1/4 pipe High Air on the OG 8ft
Demolition Parts Best Trick in the street corse
-MARKIT best trick or line or gap in the tranny section.
-MARKIT ZERO premiere goes down at 7:30 right in the park.
-21+ after party/ get together goes down at El Camino Bar.
-DVD’s and MARKIT goods will be for sale all day at the MARKIT booth. Cash or credit. Also there will be an amazing food truck serving food all day long!
Don’t miss the good times if you live anywhere near San Diego!!