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Rob Wise went out to the UK for the second Tea and Biscuits tour to hang with our good friends over at Elephant Distribution. This crew was stacked, and there’s some insane clips in the edit. Click HERE to watch Rob, and the rest of the Elephant Distro crew shred the UK!

“The second installment of our Tea & Biscuits UK Tour in affiliation with Elephant Distribution. Featuring riders from Volume, Demolition, and Markit US and UK. Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Michael Jordan, Kris Fox, Jordan Aleppo, Vince Mayne, Rob Wise, and Steve Bancroft tear up some of England’s finest skatepark establishments and shops along the way. It was a wild journey to say the least. Enjoy!”


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Last year while filming for MARKIT ZERO, we teamed up with our good friends over at Demolition Parts, and headed to San Antonio, Texas for one of the best trips of my life. Everything about it was perfect, from the abundance of spots, beautiful weather, and a crew of good friends that would have never all been on a trip together if it wasn’t for the mash of our two companies. Head over to Demolition Parts by clicking HERE and see a gallery they put together to remember this epic trip. Also re watch the MARKIT X DEMOLITION in San Antonio edit by clicking HERE!