100+ Degree weather means you have to find some cold water to jump into.

If you asked the normal person what they thought about Fresno I’m sure they would only know about their hot summers, it’s located in central Cali, and it’s got a lot of gang violence. But if you ask any rider who has been there I’m sure they will tell you it’s amazing! They have ridiculous parks, including one of the best bike parks in the country, high schools that are straight out of a video game, and locals that are about as friendly as it gets.
Ronnie, Christian, Connor, Geoff, and Jonas were all out there shredding the parks working on our next team edit and filming for the MARKIT ZERO DVD. We also had Andrew Bradey from ride, Brownie man, and Greg Mcstallion hanging out for the good time’s in the summer time heat. Other then filming, swimming in Rivers, and having lots of late night parking lot sessions, we helped out with the Mosqueda Bike Park Contest that happened the first day of the trip. The contest went really well with dudes coming from all over to shred, and the day ended with a MARKIT best trick contest you can check out over at RideBMX by clicking HERE!
Thanks to Chad Osborne, Ryan Garcia, and Ryan Olson for the good times in Fresno!

Photo’s: Greg Micklas and Dennis