Rob Wise

Rob Wise By Ronnie Napolitan

Oh man.. When you hear the name Rob Wise you are immediately thinking about something insane that he did in one of his many video parts. Better yet, something completely crazy he did just to do at a spot with no cameras or anything around.

The second time I ever got the chance to hang out with Rob was in Salt Lake City on everyone’s very first MARKIT trip. It was actually the first spot we went to and it was a pretty high rail with about a 5 foot long kink on it, and a nice size drop off to a sidewalk. We were all talking about it and asked Rob what he did or might have saw go down and he replied “well for a school report when I was younger I grinded it to whip”. The whole crew pretty much lost it and didn’t even let him finish his sentences. We ask if he filmed it, shoot a photo, or anything and he just said he did it to do it. That was when I realized Rob was a ridiculously amazing rider and was on another level.

Rob is also the nicest person you can ever meet. He’s just a chill, laid back guy that wouldn’t hurt a fly, and can fucking shred a bike. Rob with out a doubt is going to keep his reputation for having an insane part in a video. The world will again see that Rob Wise is no joke and is going to keep on keepin on! –Ronnie