Christian Rigal

Christian Rigal By Geoff Slattery

Christian is one of the more easy going guys I have met. He has this demeanor about him that says, “I’m here for a good time.” If you have seen his riding, you know he is not concerned about being here for a long time. But his determination level is as high as any other. Putting in work for a few hours in the middle of the night to bondo, or fix the spot to get the clip the next day, is a common occurrence for Christian. Everyday he is on his bike riding, filming, searching for new spots, and if not, he is skating. He is a dam good skater, which shows, through his filming capabilities.

If you can’t find him on the computer searching through endless footage, look for him in the kitchen putting down some food. This guy can eat, and he knows his foods as well. If you are stuck on something to order at a restaurant just get what he is getting cause its going to be good. –Geoff