Chad Kerley


Chad flat out kills it. I’ve seen him do the craziest things on a bike, a lot of times when we’re not even filming! We can just be riding back from a spot and he’ll casually throw a barspin truckdriver down a random big set of stairs, for the fun of it. We were riding an empty tennis court with the MARKIT crew and with just a half pedal worth of speed, he coasted a nose manual across both courts. Nuts!

Chad takes all his tricks to the highest level, either doing them on the burliest setups or linking them in seemingly impossible lines. He just has so much fun riding and pushing himself, so he’s always looking to add something to make the trick more difficult.

Riding aside, did you know Chad can hold a freestyle rap for over 4 minutes? Give him a sick beat and he’ll let loose! Or he might even make that beat on his iPhone. Chad approaches not just riding but everything with a unique style and flow, and he’ll have fun doing it. –Jonas