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Dennis shot a rad photo gallery using 35mm film while in Malaysia with the Haro boys. Here is what Dennis had to say…

“Malaysia was my fourth big over seas trip with Haro, so I knew from experience, that this trip was going to be one to remember. I made sure to bring my trusty Pentax K1000 film camera to try and capture as much of this wild country as I could. The trip was way more epic then I could have ever imagined, and taking pictures of all the wild things in that country was almost impossible. Even remembering to grab my camera was hard because of the nonstop fun we were having out there. I did manage to shoot off a couple roles of film though. All of the photos bring back such good memories from the adventure, but these are some of my favorites…”

Click HERE to check out the gallery over at DIG, and Click HERE to re watch the HARO boys in Malaysia!


Explosion 1

Everyone at MARKIT wishes you a happy, and safe Thanksgiving. Eat a bunch of food and enjoy time with your friends and family! Also check out this insane photo of when we blew Dennis’ 4runner up out in the middle of no where. This thing was getting way too old from Dennis beating it up over the years, and it actually would have cost more to fix then just to get a new car. So what better way to send off such an awesome car, then by blowing it up for the intro of MARKIT ZERO. Photo by our homie, Chris Martinez


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Rob Wise went out to the UK for the second Tea and Biscuits tour to hang with our good friends over at Elephant Distribution. This crew was stacked, and there’s some insane clips in the edit. Click HERE to watch Rob, and the rest of the Elephant Distro crew shred the UK!

“The second installment of our Tea & Biscuits UK Tour in affiliation with Elephant Distribution. Featuring riders from Volume, Demolition, and Markit US and UK. Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Michael Jordan, Kris Fox, Jordan Aleppo, Vince Mayne, Rob Wise, and Steve Bancroft tear up some of England’s finest skatepark establishments and shops along the way. It was a wild journey to say the least. Enjoy!”


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Ronnie and Dennis spent a week over in Portugal with Hadrien Picard a couple months back, and HERE is the edit that came from it! Remember this was all filmed using only three Lumia cell phones to promote their new camera phone. Hadrien did amazing work putting this edit together. At times it’s hard to even tell it’s filmed with only camera phones. Check the full video out by clicking HERE!