The Demolition X Markit Lost in Lone Star video that went exclusive to RIDEbmx a couple days ago is now embeddable to ALL sites. If you still haven’t seen it, watch it now! You wont’ be disappointed.
“This was the first official collab trip for both Demolition and Markit and it may have very well been the most productive and fun trip I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. From beginning to end the Markit and Demolition crews meshed perfectly and were able to keep this crazy fun and productive the entire trip. So get yourself a drink, sit down, relax, play the edit and enjoy!”- Joey Cobbs



Day 8 of our MARKITbreakingABQ trip was filled with wind. Not just any wind though, is was bone chilling desert wind that kept us off our bikes all day! So we made the best of the situation and went bowling Big Labowski style. Then we headed out for some good night life in the Nob Hill area right by our Casa. On day 9 everybody was amped to ride and try and get some last minute stuff for there parts in Albuquerque since we were heading out that night. So of corse the day was filled with crazy riding all the way up until we took Rob to the airport that night. We took off back to SD in the rig which should normally be about a 14 hour drive, but due to a faulty belt we got stranded outside of Phoenix AZ for a whole day waiting for a mechanic to come help us. Oh well though 27 hours later and we made it home and the trip was a wrap. Check the gallery above shot by Connor Lodes and Christian Rigal. Also make sure to check MARKIT ZERO when it comes out in October to see some ridiculous footy from ABQ. Thanks to Mario Carrasco, Dom, Vidal, Lil Jonny and all the other ABQ locals for being so down to show us a good time in New Mexico!


Battery dead, first thing in the AM

Day 6 of our MARKIT New mexico trip was filled with a lot of wind and cruising around downtown Albuquerque for the day. The gusts of wind were too much for us so we called it early and went back downtown for an epic night out. Day 7 we woke up feeling a little shady from the night before so we decided to get one with nature and Mario Carrasco took us on an epic hike through the Mountains outside of town. After some BBQ and relaxing we went out and filmed late into the night. Check out the gallery above shot by Joey Cobbs and Connor Lodes, and keep up on the trip through intsagram using #MARKITbreakingABQ.


Rob has been on fire the last couple trips!

Day 4 of our Markit New Mexico trip was a little more of a chill day besides Connor and Chad destroying a perfect down rail and a little morning trail session until the wind got too bad. Day 5 on the other hand was filled with bangers all the way into the night! Let me just say Rob Wise is going to have one of the most epic parts of all time! Check the gallery above shot by Connor Lodes from a little morning session at the local park that turned into the crew getting a couple crazy clips for MARKIT ZERO!


Jonas Getting warmed up with this steezy move

Day three of our New Mexico adventure was another day filled with dope spots and good times. Check the gallery above, it has a bunch of cool photos from the first spot of the day all shot by Connor Lodes, and then it has a bunch of really good Iphone photos Christian shot throughout the day. Keep an eye out on instagram for more photos of the trip using #MARKITbreakingABQ.