CK just went in on a really dope MARKIT chain! Here’s the word straight from Chad himself.
“2in. x 2in. Made by Shayan Afshar who makes jewelry for Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Kanye West and other rappers. He got in touch with me one day through Twitter and I had my first piece made which was the handlebars. And it’s only right to get one made to represent my crew!!”
Chad is the man, I’m so stoked to have him as well as the rest of the crew all apart of this MARKIT family!


MARKIT is proud to present, Christian Rigal’s, welcome to Etnies edit. Christian is the newest member to the Etnies team and for good reason. He travels the world, destroys it in the streets, has a great attitude about everything, and is one of the hardest working die hard BMXers out there. Christian has a long future ahead of him with Etnies, and I’m sure they are just as pumped to have him apart of the team as we are to have him apart of the MARKIT family. Sit back and enjoy, Christian Rigal: welcome to Etnies.


Christian has been loving tables lately. Here's a footplant to table

Most of the MARKIT crew headed down to Tijuana Mexico for a day trip yesterday. Seeing as the majority of us live in San Diego CA the commute to Tijuana Mexico isn’t a far one at all. Tijuana borders San Diego, and it’s a massive city filled with good food, good people, and good spots to ride. So spending the day south of the border is always going to be a good time. We spent the day, three cars deep, racing around in the insane traffic, hitting a couple good parks, eating Tacos, and living the life. Thanks to Eric Soto for always showing us a good time down there, and thanks to all the locals for reppin MARKIT and being so welcoming to us. Check out the photo gallery above to see what TJ is all about.



Woodward West is doing a video contest where you can go and vote for what team you think put out the best edit. This one is awesome because we got our dudes Connor, Rob, and Ronnie having a blast, and shredding camp with the rest of the Demolition crew. This video just gives you a good feeling and makes you want to go have fun and ride all day. Check it out and make sure to vote right HERE!