Dream day, Chad riding the slide legally!

Christian, Chad, and Dennis all decided to stay a few days in Northern Cali after the Dew tour last week. The trip consisted of Chilling in the town of Moraga CA where Christian and Connor Lodes grew up, Riding empty, yet amazing cement parks, stacking clips for MARKIT ZERO, and Go Pro inviting the guys to ride an amusement park they rented out for the day. Thanks to Tina Rigal for all the amazing food for the crew, and Go Pro for one of the best looking days ever! Check the gallery above to see some of the fun MARKIT is always getting into.


These three are on a whole new level

Rob, Chad, and Dennis were all competing this weekend in the San Francisco Dew Tour. Chad and Rob both rode street and street style, which is a new event thats pretty much a hill bomb with amazing stuff the whole way down. Dennis rode street, street style, and dirt. All the guys killed it out there! Rob rode smooth and consistent, but had a hurt knee so he wasn’t in true Rob Wise Machine mode, but he still was riding good on anyone else’s level. Dennis got 4th in dirt and street, and 2nd in street style. Chad completely murdered street getting 2nd. Congrats to all three guys killing out there and representing MARKIT all weekend! Check out a few photos above from their weekend.

Dennis Enarson Road to Recovery Video


A few camera guys from the Dew Tour came out to San Diego with some hi-tech camera equipment to film a segment with Dennis about his femur injury from earlier this year. In it Dennis talks about dealing with being out and how it’s not going to slow him down from riding. The video is edited really dramatically, like an episode of house. Watch it here.

Dennis is riding in Street and Dirt finals today at the dew tour.



Chad and Dennis taking home some dope trophies!

The whole crew, besides Connor, who is on a Euro trip right now, was having a blast all week in Austin Texas for Texas Toast. Everyone was shredding and having a blast riding the dirt corse, killing the street setups, trying out the gauntlet of death, and going to epic video premiers! Austin is a rad place and the MARKIT crew fits in well there. There’s going to be a ton of videos and photos from the event so make sure to check the guys out in those!