This was pretty much the unofficial first MARKIT edit Christian made. It’s a tribute to our old VX getting fixed and it almost has the whole MARKIT crew in it. This edit is rad because it’s one of the reasons we started doing the monthly MARKIT edits. So sit back and watch most of the crew shredding from 9 months ago.



New stickers are in. For all of you asking for white stickers we got a ton now for you!
For free MARKIT stickers send us a self addressed and stamped envelope to:

9730 Cuyamaca St.,
Ste. G,
Santee, Ca, 92071.

We can send stickers out of the country to. Just include enough stamps on the return envelope to cover the cost. You can check with your local post office to be sure.
Or if your in the San Diego area, just head to East County BMX and grab yourself some. Shout out to Tec Color Craft for the stickers.


The locals at the new Ensenada park are as cool as it gets!

So the plan was to go down to Ensenada, Baja California, to try and get some more clips for a cement park edit we have been working on. Plans changed though as my leg isn’t quite healed enough yet to start getting clips, Christian wasn’t in the Cement park filming type of mood, and our Mexico connection Eric Soto, who could have got some dope Homey clips, dislocated his knee the day before. So we left the camera at home and the three of us had a blast down in Baja California for about 10 hours. Check out some of Christian’s Photo’s in the gallery to get a little better taste of our adventure. And remember this is the place everybody think is so dangerous. Ya more like one of the friendliest, most laid back places you could go! Viva La Mexico!