Mike Jonas in AZ with Volume Bikes

A super fun spot that we had also gone to during a  MARKIT trip

Jonas flew out to Arizona for a few days to ride and film with the Volume Bikes team. He was able to film some clips with Mike Mastroni to wrap up filming for his Volume web edit. Here’s some web update photos taken from the Volume site with descriptions from Jonas. Also, check out the updates on Volume Bikes for more photos and updates from each day of the trip.


Ronnie can shred anything he rides, especially a set of dirt jumps! So for this edit we brought the lights back out and lit up and awesome set of trails out in Souther California. If this doesn’t make you wanna go ride some trails then I don’t know what will. Sit back and enjoy Ronnie cruisin through the woods with a couple guest clips of Cody Mckenna! -Dennis
Filmed/Edited by:
Christian Rigal
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The crew kills the bakery!

Alley oop backwards double peg

The whole crew absolutley killed it at Chads contest yesterday. Everyone one pulled insane stuff to say the least, but Rob stood out amongsts the best street riders in the game. The machine placed 3rd on the red/blue rails and 2nd on the island. Congrats go to Rob for doing tricks that shouldn’t be done, Connor for doing some of the wildest tech stuff of the day, Christian for going in on a trick never been done on a legit out ledge, Ronnie for blasting into lights because he airs to high,and Mike Jonas for showing the BMX world he is here to stay. Go over to the Ride site to see photo’s and tons of other coverage from the contest. Thanks go out to Chad for hosting the best street contest to date!!