Christian’s Whip


Christian’s bike is unique thats for sure. When you hop on it and start cruising around it doesn’t feel like you average bike. Ride BMX shot some good pictures of his whip, so go check out Christian’s grind machine and see how he’s running it HERE! I think his tire pressure is a bit of an overstatement. He says he runs between 50 and 60 PSI but we all know it’s more like 30 or 40 on a good day.

Geoff in Portugal


Geoff is all the way in Portugal shooting for an article in The Albion. He said something about carrying around huge transitions and setting them up in crazy places… You know it’s going to be amazing seeing what he comes up with! He’s rocking a nice black eye right now, and I’m not sure if he got it on or off the bike. Either way it makes him look even more bad ass then he already is. Keep an eye out for his edit and article he’s putting in work for in Portugal. I guarantee you it will be fire!

Rob down under

One of many amazing parks in Aus.

Rob is all the way on the other side of the globe killing it in Australia right now. He’s working on a GT edit and enjoying one of the best places in the world with Demolition’s own, Dave Dillewaard.

“Everything is so sick here it’s amazing. Dilly has been hooking it up with spots. We are going down by the gold coast for the next few days so im excited to get down there and see all of that. Dilly’s parents grilled up some kangaroo for us and it was surprisingly good although they wouldn’t eat it because it’s a rodent here.” -Rob

Stay Posted for more updates later this week from Robs first adventure down under.